About EIA

The Environmental Investigation Agency is an award-winning 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is internationally renowned for its use of innovative investigative techniques that expose environmental crimes and make sustainable management of the world’s natural resources possible. For over three decades, EIA has confronted the world’s most pressing environmental problems, instigated systematic changes in global markets, and promoted precautionary policies that protect the natural world from exploitation through undercover investigations, in-depth analysis of supply chains and trade data, and aggressive advocacy coupled with diplomacy. EIA has built strong networks of local and international partnerships and stands in solidarity with indigenous and other local communities in defending their environment and achieving positive, tangible, and enduring changes via improved environmental governance.  EIA was instrumental in the 1989 international ban on ivory trade, the first to call for a global phase-out of hydrofluorocarbon gases for their extreme global warming potential, and spearheaded the successful movement to prohibit the import of illegally harvested wood into the U.S.



Protecting the environment with intelligence.

EIA’s mission is to develop and implement systemic solutions to the biggest global challenges of our time. EIA uses innovative techniques including digital analysis of data, investigations, and cutting edge communications to create positive, lasting change. We promote indigenous and local communities’ ability to expose environmental crime, protect their land, and increase protection for climate and biodiversity.

EIA’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

EIA is committed to ensuring that our practices, policies, and culture root out white supremacy and other caste systems, cultivate sustained learning, create space for diversity and inclusivity, and advance justice and equity within our organization, our partnerships, our network, and our campaigns. We envision a diverse, transparent, and equitable EIA that actively confronts racism. We will strive to uplift and amplify the voices of those most affected by discrimination and entrenched colonization. We will approach anti-racism as a forever process with humility and conviction.


EIA Board Members:

Allan Thornton
   Environmental Investigation Agency, President (Founder)

John Fitzgerald*
   Society for Conservation Biology, Former Policy Director
   Defenders of Wildlife, Former General Counsel

Brian B. Cox*
   MFX Solutions, President and CEO

Janine Ferretti*
  World Bank Group, Vice President, Compliance Advisor Ombudsman

Kristin Rechberger*

Anita Plummer, Ph.D.*
   Howard University, Associate Professor

* indicates independent voting member

Executive Staff

Allan Thornton, President
Alexander von Bismarck, Executive Director
Ghaya Hassairi, Chief Operations and Finance Officer (COO/CFO)

Whistleblower Reporting

EIA is committed to transparency and high standards of work ethics. If you have concerns related to any form of possible misconduct by the organization or any of its employees, we encourage you to report any such concerns using the following channels:

Reporting to EIA

  • Email: [email protected], noting in the subject line “Confidential communication.” Such communications will be handled by the EIA Executive Director, Director of Finance and Operations, and Legal Counsel.
  • Mail: P.O. Box 53343 Washington, DC 20009. Please address the correspondence to “EIA Executive Director c/o Legal Counsel” and mark the letter as “Confidential communication.”

EIA has a no retaliation policy that protects anyone who in good faith reports suspected incidents of misconduct. EIA reserves the right to conduct its own internal investigation into any reports of possible misconduct by its employees and to deal with any instances of misconduct according to applicable U.S. law.