Maximising the Montreal Protocol’s Potential for Urgent Global Climate Action

The success of the Montreal Protocol demonstrates the progress it is possible for governments to make when working collaboratively within a strong governance framework. The 46th Open-Ended Working Group of the Montreal Protocol (OEWG46) presents significant opportunities for the Parties to the Montreal Protocol to take progressive action to protect the Protocol’s legacy and ensure it can address present and future challenges.


Taking Industrial Action

For far too long, nitrous oxide emissions have been ignored in the climate debate. With its successful track record in phasing out fluorinated ozone-depleting substances, including CFCs and HCFCs, and its legacy of increasing environmental and climate ambition, the Montreal Protocol is uniquely well-suited to address the challenge posed by industrial emissions of N2O.


Traffickers at the Starting Blocks

Consequences of a Premature Lifting of the Zero Export Quota for Pterocarpus erinaceus in Sierra Leone and its Impacts on Neighboring Countries

EIA investigations support concerns raised regarding Ghana and Sierra Leone's attempts to reopen trade in an endangered species of rosewood. Evidence indicates that lifting the zero export quota in Sierra Leone would have consequences far beyond its borders.