For over thirty years EIA has exposed the most powerful actors behind environmental crime that harms our planet and its communities. Our investigative methods have provided evidence for some of the most high-profile and successful environmental prosecutions in history and have formed the basis for movements successfully calling for systemic change. Complementary to the intelligence produced from our investigations, our diplomacy and advocacy efforts have initiated and catalyzed international momentum for change. 


Our Method


Determine where markets undermine efforts around the world to protect the environment.


Investigate the problem through the regular use of news gathering techniques including on-the-ground undercover field operations to collect compelling evidence, and identify the demand and supply-side causes.


Leverage our evidence to inform the public through mass media, support frontline defenders, generate seizures and prosecutions and influence policy.  


Work with partners to develop innovative, achievable, and lasting measures to solve the problem on whatever scale necessary.


Carry out strategic, alliance-based campaigning to institute lasting solutions.


Featured Work

Related Resources


Traffickers at the Starting Blocks

EIA investigations support concerns raised regarding Ghana and Sierra Leone's attempts to reopen trade in an endangered species of rosewood. Evidence indicates that lifting the zero export quota in Sierra Leone would have consequences far beyond its borders.


Embarcando Florestas

A investigação plurianual da Agência de Investigação Ambiental (EIA) em Moçambique indica que o comércio de madeira, impulsionado por milhões de dólares em exportações anuais para a China, viola a proibição de exportação de toros ao mesmo tempo que financia insurgentes violentos na província de Cabo Delgado.


Quem Comprou o Gado Ilegal do Território Apyterewa?

Nosso novo relatório identifica ações urgentes que o governo brasileiro, seus principais parceiros comerciais e as empresas de carne devem tomar para dissociar a pecuária do desmatamento e do crime na Amazônia e em outros biomas ameaçados no Brasil.


Who Bought Apyterewa’s Illegal Cattle?

EIA follows the path of illegally raised cattle from the Apyterewa Indigenous Territory into the supply chains of major meat companies. The report identifies urgent actions to decouple cattle ranching from deforestation and crime in the Brazilian Amazon.


Shipping the Forest

EIA’s multi-year investigation reveals how the timber trade between Mozambique and China, reliant upon major global shipping lines, finances violent insurgents and violates log export bans.