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International Statement of Solidarity with Peruvian Indigenous Peoples During the Political Crisis

EIA joins 10 other organizations, all allies of the Peruvian Indigenous movement for decades, previously concerned about the COVID19 situation in the Peruvian Amazon and today alerted to the political situation in Peru, respectfully address public opinion and Peruvian authorities to state the following: (1) We are concerned with the situation of political instability in […]

Climate-Friendly Supermarkets Map

Letter to Peru President Vizcarra

Organizaciones de la sociedad civil piden al presidente Vizcarra luchar contra la impunidad y no dejarse engañar por empresa sentenciada por deforestar Tamshiyacu. Civil society organizations ask Peru’s President Vizcarra to act against impunity and not be fooled by the company sentenced for deforesting Tamshiyacu. National and international civil society organizations have asked the President […]


Palm Oil: New Frontiers for a Long-Time Driver of Deforestation

Traditional large-scale oil palm plantation operators in Indonesia and Malaysia, where over 85% the world’s palm oil is produced, are seeking fresh ground to grow, as available land in South East Asia becomes scarcer. Veteran plantation companies and new arrivals to the scene are on the hunt for land in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, […]


USTR Timber Verification Request Echoes EIA’s Concerns About Traceability in Peru

The United States Trade Representative (USTR) took action yesterday under the US – Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (PTPA), calling on the Peruvian government to verify that three 2017 timber shipments from Peru to the United States complied with all applicable Peruvian laws and regulations. This action comes at a time when Peru has demonstrably failed […]