Hong Kong Customs displays 82.5kg of rhino horns from South Africa and destined for Malaysia. Photo: ISD

Oceans & Arctic

The future of our global oceans, arctic marine landscapes, and the unique species that rely on them is in peril. Loss of sea ice due to climate change, emerging underwater noise exposure from increased commercial shipping, and continued fossil fuel development all pose significant challenges to species survival. We campaign to protect fragile ecosystems and vulnerable marine mammal populations. 

With rapid Arctic Ocean warming, the need for urgent protection of marine mammals and their habitat is critical. EIA works to advance policy and regulatory mitigation measures to ensure that these imperiled species can survive a changing ocean.

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Bad Prospects

A speculative gold rush is putting communities in the Alaska-British Columbia transboundary region at financial and environmental risk, while a network of 450 Canadian companies reap the rewards thanks to a Ponzi scheme-like Prospect Generator Model.

A beluga mother and baby swimming as seen from above

Save Cook Inlet Beluga Whales

The most recent population count of Cook Inlet beluga whales from NOAA is encouraging, but this is no time for a victory lap. The overall well-being of this unique population remains uncertain.


EIA Comments on NOAA Draft Climate Science Regional Action Plan

EIA submits public comments on NOAA’s draft Gulf of Alaska Climate Science Regional Action Plan for 2022-24. These comments specifically address NOAA’s role to investigate current health status, reduce anthropogenic threats, and increase protection measures for critically endangered Cook Inlet beluga whales in order to promote future recovery for this highly depleted population. Download the […]