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EIA Statement of Support

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) stands in solidarity with the Black community and the Black Lives Matter movement. The recent unjust killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery are just a few examples of the racialized violence committed against Black people in the United States. EIA has relentlessly exposed and fought systemic socio-environmental crimes for thirty years all over the world and we have seen firsthand the ways in which corruption, brutality, and inequity contribute to environmental, economic, and social harms that communities of Black, Indigenous, and people of color face every day in their lives. Today, we stand in solidarity with the people’s concrete demands to end racism, police brutality, and inequity in our country and across the globe. We hear and support the Movement for Black Lives’ demands, including the end to systemic racism that allows an unchecked culture of violence and corruption to permeate across many law enforcement and justice systems and for the demand that all systems that devalue and dehumanize Black life be abolished, and replaced with justice for all.