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Loi Lacey Questions fréquemment posées sur la première loi au monde interdisant le commerce de bois

Il est important de noter que la loi Lacey n’impose pas la loi américaine aux autres pays. La définition du terme « récolté illégalement » est spécifique des lois propres à chaque État souverain. La loi Lacey s’applique également sans distinction à des végétaux qui ont été prélevés, récoltés, transportés ou exportés en violation de […]


THE U.S. LACEY ACT – Frequently Asked Questions

On May 22, 2008, the U.S. Congress passed a groundbreaking law banning commerce in illegally sourced plants and their products including timber and wood products. The new law is an amendment to a 100-year-old statute, named the Lacey Act after the Congressman who first championed it. While the Lacey Act has long been one of […]

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Ozone-Friendly Replacement Gases Will Be Disastrous For Global Warming, Warn Experts

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The recent decision to accelerate the phase-out of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) – air conditioning and refrigeration gases – will in fact vastly undermine efforts to reduce global warming if proper precautions are not taken, the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) warned today. As parties meet this week in Bangkok under the Montreal Protocol to discuss ways to […]


WE DON’T BUY IT! Nippon Suisan, Maruha and Kyokuyo’s continuing support for Japan’s whaling

With business ventures and offices that span the globe and dwindling domestic markets, Nippon Suisan, Kyokuyo and Maruha are increasingly dependent on foreign markets and resources, in particular those of the U.S. and Europe. The companies therefore carry a responsibilty to thier expanding international constutuancy, which is overwhelmingly supportive of the protection of whales from […]