White Whale, Gold Mine – Live Premiere

Watch above or directly on Youtube!
Premiere starts at 4pm Alaska / 8pm Eastern!

What the film is about: Featuring music by Portugal. The Man and narrated by Zach Carothers, White Whale, Gold Mine shines a light on the importance of beluga whales to Alaskans and the Alaskan ecosystem. The film will highlight how belugas, other wildlife, and the way of life of the people of the region are threatened by the proposed Pebble Mine project. Experts from Cook Inlet and Bristol Bay describe what is at risk for these whales, Alaskan culture, and the environment.

Following the 10 minute film, join us for a discussion panel, moderated by the film’s director Steve Ellington. Hear from:

Melanie Brown – Commercial Fisherman /Organizer for Salmon State

Mandy Migura – Marine Mammal Biologist, Broad Conservation LLC

Katy Bear Nalven – Alaska Marine Representative, Defenders of Wildlife

Bob Shavelson – Cook Inletkeeper