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EIA Briefings to the 94th Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund

As Executive Committee (ExCom) members come together for the 94th Meeting of the Executive Committee (ExCom94) to the Multilateral Fund (MLF), the need to take action to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions could not be starker. The Montreal Protocol is uniquely positioned to secure swift reductions of super GHGs under the HCFC phase-out and HFC phase-down, starting this decade.

EIA is disappointed by the lack of ambition in the Kigali Implementation Plans (KIPs) submitted for approval by the ExCom. Moreover, the growing lack of transparency in the dealings of the ExCom is very concerning. EIA urges the ExCom to ensure the full and proper involvement of observers at its meetings, noting the important role that civil society has played throughout the long and successful history of the Montreal Protocol.

EIA also welcomes the half-day session for informal discussion on strategic approaches to Kigali Implementation. We feel it is an opportunity to explore, in a setting that is conducive to candid exchange, how we can do better. The time is ripe for the Montreal Protocol, including the MLF, to initiate a new cycle of ambitious policymaking that is responsive to the urgent climate challenge.